miaoudeminou (miaoudeminou) wrote in bad_service,

Kinda Peeved

Background Info: Tonight I'm staying with a few friends in the cities. The reason behind this is that there's a party going on with the 4 of us and we'd prefer to be responsible adults (a.k.a not drink & drive). Thus sleepover YAY!

I decided it was my turn to buy the booze (which I have done many times before but I just get the same thing every time- Smirnoff wine coolers). M (my friend)'s little brother decided he wanted to run errands with me (as we have to go and get food too & M's brother won't be drinking with us- 17yrs old- he's going home tonight). M's brother is also my friend thus why I agreed for him to come with. Now I get to the liquor store and every thing's fine. I go in and emediately the woman's rude to me. She didn't speak English all that great and thus I didn't understand her at times. M gave me a list of two drinks to get (Smirnoff ice and Kharkov). I honestly I have almost no idea about alcoholic drinks (a.k.a newbie). The woman's glaring at me and giving me attitude. I go to look around.

BW= nasty woman
Me= I just want my booze!

BW: I help you?
ME: yes, where's your Smirnoff ice, likes this? *points to the larger ~liter of Smirnoff and other random flavors, a.k.a not what we wanted*
BW: In cooler *points to cooler with 6-pack in it*
ME: No, the ones that are bigger, about a liter. *smile smile*
BW: Cooler!! *points to a different cooler* I need ID!
Me: *hands ID 'cause to some people I look 18/19ish*
BW: what your birthday!!?!?!
Me: 10/23/86
BW: *looks at me funny again and pulls out a magnifying glass!*
ME: *O.o what? I've never had that happen!?!?.... brings up both bottles* I'd like to pay for these
BW: You buy for someone else?
ME: Noo... *said like so from being shocked*
BW: *looks at my ID again with magnifying glass*
ME: *pays and gets out of there fast*
BW: *opens door and peaks out at M's brother in car*

M's brother: *laughing* Some lady just poked her head out the door and looked at us!
ME: Yeah, she barely spoke English and was a complete b*tch the entire time.
M's brother: at least she let you buy it.

I've never had someone have to look at my driver's license TWICE with a magnifying glass. Apparently in the cities kids must be great at making fake IDs.
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