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The bad service didn't end

Follow up to this post.
For those who don't want to read it, a hospital messed up my induction time, was rude beyond belief, and then felt the need to tell me they went above and beyond for me.

Ironically enough, I went into labor 3 hours after that post, so I didn't need the induction at all.
I get to L&D (Labor and Delivery) and they put me in a room right away. Then... nothing. This was at 7am. I don't see a nurse until 7:30, which my boyfriend had to practically drag into the room. They checked me and lo and behold I'm in labor! Suddenly there are more nurses, and machines being hauled in.
One nurse said, "Wow good thing we checked you, we were going to send you home."
WHAT?!? You were going to send me home without checking me? Apparently I looked like I was just smuggling a beach ball around or something, and not really pregnant.
As I'm being hooked to a contraction monitor, another nurse says she wants to start on my IV. She SHOVES the needle in, the needle actually bends and I'm pretty sure if the other nurse didn't have hold of my other arm I would have gotten violent. I had to actually scream at her to stop pushing on the damn needle and then ended up taking it out of my arm myself because she just walked away!

This is my arm SIX days after the IV from hell

She comes back, realizes we're going to need to do this IV again, and she starts tapping on the same arm. Hell to the no! I not so nicely let her know she blew the vein and her only option is my other arm or my hand. She gets an attitude and says, "I know what I'm doing."
Oh really? Is that why the needle looks the way it does? Yes clearly you an expert. Get out of my delivery room. I refused an IV until an actual doctor stepped into my room.

At 8:30 or so, the IV is in (my other arm), and I have two nurses checking on me off and on.
I reminded them I wanted an epidural and an hour later another nurse comes in. I tell her I want the epidural after a quick check told us it was either now or never for the epidural.
Instead of saying, "Well since you're moving so fast, we'll get that right away." she argues with me telling me I can do it without it. I simply stare her down, too in awe that a nurse would argue about this sort of thing to actually say anything.

The guy shows up to do the epidural and he lectured me on waiting so long because I "almost waited too long." The whole time he was doing the epidural I was ranting about how it was the nurses fault. He finally said, "Oh yes, they like to try and talk you out of this."
THIS IS NOT OK! How many women had to suffer through contractions and not get some rest because the nurses like to hold off?

So now, my arm is killing me, but the epidural is in and all is good. My OB shows up, I have different nurses since apparently I was too much of a bitch to get the old ones back and the hours are ticking by.
At 12PM, I know I'm ready to go. We call for the nurse, she comes in with a bed pan. WTF? She tells me, "Oh I bet you just have to pee, no one has their first child this quickly." She shoves the bed pan under me and waits. Finally she says, "You're not going."
So she checks me and "OMG you're at 10! There's a head!"
Shut. Up. For serious??

Everything after that was fine! 10 minutes of pushing and...

We have bebe!

We move to the over night room and everything seems fine. Except the head nursery lady seems to think I'm going to fall asleep with my baby and barges in on us every 15 minutes. By barge I mean ripping back the curtain as if ready to say, "AH-HA! CAUGHT YOU!"
Only she didn't. Finally, frustrated and tired I let her take my baby back to the nursery so she would leave us the hell alone.
But, she brought her right back. I don't know why because I was taking a shower down the hall. My boyfriend was out of the room pursing the vending machine for a junk food meal. The nurse? SHE LEFT THE BABY IN THE EMPTY ROOM.
Now granted, you can't get out of L&D with a baby, but WTF?!? Every nurse before and after scanned our bar codes on our wristbands to make sure it was our baby and this one just leaves the baby in an empty room? On what planet is that OK?
I wanted to stay two days, but after dealing with that, I wanted discharged ASAP. We stayed the night so we could get shots, the birth certificate, and fill out the paper work for a SS number.
However, the next morning we booked it out of there.
I don't care if that hospital is suppose to be the best in the area, I will not ever return there!

Ms. Adrian on going home day.
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