Tracey Lee (traceylee) wrote in bad_service,
Tracey Lee

I'm fairly irritated with my local chain store. You know the type; they don't have to offer good service because the prices are so low you'll keep coming back anyway.

It seems about every fourth trip, I come home without one of my bags. I just assume when the cashier stops handing me bags and says, "Have a good day/morning/night!" that my bags are all in my hand or cart. Yet all too often I come home and discover I am missing about six items. I call the store and sure enough, they are at the customer service counter, where I can drive all the way back and pick them up if I have my receipt. I have even started asking, "How many bags do I have?" before the cashier starts handing them to me. This has cut down on the occasions that I don't get one of my bags, though I still often have to say, "That's only four, is there another one?" before I get my fifth bag.

Last night I bought a few things and, as always, asked the cashier how many bags I had. She answered, "Four." All right. So she hands me my four bags and I leave. When I get home and start unpacking, I am missing my bread, popcorn, and my eggs. I call up the store and sure enough, it's at the customer service counter. By this time it is snowing and there is no way I am driving back there to pick them up, so I ask if I can just come by tomorrow.

Her: "Sure thing! They'll be here waiting for you. Just have your receipt."

Me: "Could you maybe put the eggs back in the refrigerator until I get them?"

Her: *long pause* "Um...Hang on, and I'll ask a manager."

WTF? First the cashier doesn't give me all my items, even though I asked her how many bags I had, and now this lady wants to leave my eggs at room temp all night and most of the day?


EDIT: I guess I should explain that the bags on on a carousel by the cashier. It has seven or so sets of bags on it, and spins around. I can't see all the places bags could be filled without actually getting behind the counter by the cashier, which I have been reluctant to do since it seems rude. If they were simply set on a counter by the cashier, it would be easy to see if I had all my bags or not.
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