Alice B Goode (aballard23) wrote in bad_service,
Alice B Goode

Dell customer service?!

Okay, so this isn't a major suck in the least, but it is VERY annoying, and I hate being 'pressured' into doing anything.

Information; I recently woke up to find that my bluetooth usb port had melted through the night (we're thinking electrical problem in the house we're renting, Mom just got a divorce from Dad and now we live with Mom, boyfriend, me, sister, animals.). Since that happened, my computer has died as well (I was only able to get to the welcome 'pick your user' screen anyhow).

My mother told me she would buy me the computer I wanted, since I'm getting money from the car wreck I was just in, as well as from college things.

So she calls Dell, on my behalf, regardless of the fact that I was finished processing my own order online.

The guy at Dell can hear me, so I'm telling him what I want.

* - My mom works for Intel. She gets a LOT of free software, or at least very CHEAP software.

Me: Hi.
ICSR: Irritating Customer Service Rep.

Me: I want to upgrade the monitor to the anti-glare, and the harddrive to 120gb instead of 80gb.
Him: Okay, what about software?
Me: I don't want the Yahoo jukebox stuff, I want the Microsoft pack WITHOUT Word.*
Him: Okay. *blahblahblah* Virus protection? Warranty? Four-year break guarantee?
Me: One year in-home warranty, the virus protection that comes with the computer for 30 days, no break guarantee (this is for if -I- broke my computer, dropped it, etc.)
Him: Are you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure you don't want the break guarantee?
Me: Yes, I don't want to pay that much for something I won't be doing. I'm on a budget.

Note that I was paraphrasing, I wasn't irritated (to him, but my Mom surely got a lot of 'JESUS GET HIM TO SHUT UP PLZ' that I made sure he couldn't hear. :D

All in all. I -HATE- being asked things more than twice. Once, okay. Twice, fine. After that, please leave me the FUCK alone. You aren't dealing with someone who is average joe, you're dealing with a currently unmedicated college student who needs a fucking computer. I don't want you pushing shit on me, okay?
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