Neva Toad (mice) wrote in bad_service,
Neva Toad

Compass PMC: It ends with a nice revenge.

I used to have an apartment with a roommate that was handled by Compass PMC in Southern California. We had to mail our rent, which was weird but never a problem...except for when there were three day weekends.

I mailed our September 06 rent on August 31 (Thursday). On September 6, we get a note on our door saying we haven't paid. I call up the rent coordinator and get her voice mail saying that I mailed it in August and because of the three day weekend, it may be late. Like it was. On the three day weekend in July. And if they don't get the check the next day, I will go over and give them the payment directly.

I hear nothing back. I follow up a week later. Nothing.

Until the 21st where I get a call saying, "OMG, WHY HAVEN'T YOU PAY US?" I ask when I need to pay them by. "TOMMORROW, 8 A.M. OR EVICT! CASHIERS CHECK BITCHES!" (I am slightly paraphrasing.)

So I get it to them that night.

Then comes January. We owe a $75 late fee from September.

I email the rent coordinator and explain the situation and why we feel we shouldn't have to pay this, being that I took steps to prevent it being absurdly late and hadn't heard back from her.

Then? LIES.

The coordinator tells me she tried to contact me several times via phone (she didn't) and never got a voice mail from me. I made the call using my employer's phone which logs every call. I send her this log, highlighting my calls out and my one call in from her.

I then get, no paraphrasing, "Who called who when is irrelevent."

She has cc'd her supervisor at this point and we have to pay the $75 because with that statement, I realize that I am dealing with crazy people.

I break the bad news to my roommate but tell her, "I have a plan."

We were each trying to get rid of old checks with our old address. We paid Compass PMC their &$75. Using 42 checks of varying amounts.
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