*~CHOI MINHO'S WIFEY~* (thsk) wrote in bad_service,

So we take our shih-tzu Sophie to a local groomer in town. The first few times was fine, the price was good and the woman genuinely cared for the animals she groomed, but lately it's been like a scam to get more money out of us. We comb Sophie out really good the night before we take her in - one time we spent nearly three hours combing her out and she charged us extra, shaving her down so small she was so cold, claiming she was matted. This has happened at least two or three times. One time she called us up saying Sophie bit her when she was combing her, this pissed me off because Sophie NEVER bites.

Today she calls and tells my mom that Sophie is 'loaded' with fleas, that they just came out like crazy when she gave her a flea bath. The both of us are like, 'what fleas?' because we combed her for nearly an hour last night and we looked through her throughly and found nothing. She sent mom home with shampoo and we have to wash them every seven days with this stuff or something like that. She charged mom 50 some dollars for it, when it's usually 30-35. I'm starting to think she's doing this to get extra money out of us, because the last groomer we took Sophie to cut her leg and the poor thing was traumatized about it for nearly a month, and we live in a small town that has barely any groomers. So, there really isn't anyone else we can take her to.

Dad was also telling me she didn't seem to pleased with Sarah's appearance (she's our 5 and 1/2 month old shih-tzu, who has a major overbite and she wheezes a lot because her one nostril is smaller). That doesn't surprise me seeing as all of her shih-tzu's are show dogs or breeders, and she has this frame of mind of what a 'perfect' shih-tzu looks like. It bothers me because even though she wheezes and her lip sticks out, I love the little baby.
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