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Xm Radio

Hi!  My hubby has had XM radio service in his car for the past year (or longer).  We recently had to get a new receiver for it because ours died.  When he went to activate the receiver, the rep told him "You qualify for a promo that we've having where you get three months free." *Yay* Service is normally somewhere around $15/month.  So I wasn't expecting anything from them for the next 3 months.
WRONG!  I checked my account this morning and there was a charge on there for $7 from XM.  So I call them up and ask why of course.  They say oh, this is the promo that we're doing.  But I tried to explain to the Indian rep (no offense to anyone that may be from India, but when they outsource and I can't understand the rep it's very frustrating) that we were supposed to get 3 months FREE...and to me free means NO charges.  Apparently, that's only in mine and hubby's universe, because the rep went on to say that you get 3 months free within a 6 month time frame (so basically, it's just half off for 6 months).  I told him that that was not explained to my hubby and that they should clarify that better when they are offering the promo and say that it's half off for 6 months and not 3 months free.

To recap: The bad service (at least from my point of view) is that they did not explain themselves clearly. 
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