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I have been battling Circuit City for about three months now and tomorrow should be the end of it. Even though I have tried to summarize this story as best as possible, it still turned out lengthy, so work with me here.

About a year and a half ago, I bought a laptop from Circuit City and purchased the two-year warranty with it. Three months ago, something happened to Windows to make one of the System32 files corrupt, disabling Windows. I couldn't even get it into safe mode. So I take the computer to Circuit City for a diagnostic covered under warranty. A few days later, they tell me that the computer's so fucked that not even the diagnostic will run. They tell me that they will have to ship it back to the manufacturer to fix it via replacing the parts. I take the computer home briefly to extract the hard drive to save all my crap then give it back to Circuit City to be shipped off.

I get the computer back around two weeks later. I turn it on only to find that Windows isn't installed. In a bit of a shock (thinking I was going to get a functional computer), I call Circuit City and ask what exactly happened to it. They tell me that I have to use the Windows setup disc that came with the computer in order to reinstall it. Problem is, my computer never came with one. It came with Windows already installed on it, so the disc was not necessary. I go to HP's website (the brand of my computer) and order a special disc just for my computer.

I get the disc and load it in. All is well until the CD tries to copy files from the disc to the computer. One file would either not copy correctly or not copy at all, and when prompted to skip it, another would have an error. And another. And another. I call HP, and they tell me that the disc itself is probably bad. They offer to send me a free one, but when I call up the next day to take them up on it, they decline any knowledge of it.

So I buy another disc. Same problem. I figure there must be something wrong with the computer if it can't copy the discs. Now I call Circuit City and ask them if there is anything I can do. After all, it was Circuit City who caused my computer to be blanked in the first place. (I had this dumb assumption that sending my warrantied computer to be fixed would get it fixed, not present me with a new problem.) They tell me that since software is not covered in the warranty, I am shit out of luck. Up to this point I have been irritated, but by now I am pissed. I send them my computer that is broken, and it gets sent back with the original problem fixed, and now a new problem that they are responsible for that they turn around the decline responsibility for at the same time. My original warranty states that if my computer is dead that they will replace it with a new one, but since the cause of death is now a software issue, it's no longer under warranty. Wtf is this shit? The most they can do is send it back to the manufacturer AGAIN. What will they do this time? Oh, it turns out that they didn't replace ALL the parts last time, but this time they'll replace everything they didn't replace last time. Good thing I don't have to pay shipping charges for this mess.

So my computer gets shipped out a second time. Two weeks, then three weeks pass. Nothing. I call Circuit City to ask about an update on the shipment. They report that the computer has been shipped out. However, UPS does not report receiving it, nor does the manufacturer. So where the hell is my computer?! Circuit City lost it. They tell me they have no idea where it is.

Get ready for my favorite part. Circuit City does not claim any responsibility for shipped items once they are shipped. Makes sense since if UPS fucks up and loses it, it's not Circuit City's fault. But UPS did not ever get my computer. BUT, since Circuit City reports shipping it, then they're not responsible since they think it's beyond that stage. In a nutshell: they lost my computer and they won't do shit about it. Everyone on my friends list knows already how I feel about this. I will spare you the bold red 50px capslock profanities and simply say I was pissed. Instead of marching straight into the store screaming my head off, I decide to wait until I get a free day to sort things out and calm down in order to get the most civil response out of them.

Meanwhile, a package arrives at my house. It's from the manufacturer. It's special packaging to ship my computer to them, the first time it was supposed to be shipped. I guess that means Circuit City sent my computer in any old box they could find instead of manufacturer-approve laptop shipping. Great. What do I care anyway? It's GONE.

Now we're in present time. A few days ago I found out that the computer was somewhere in the store all along. They offered to ship it again. I declined and went to pick it up. Right now I have the computer next to me. This shit has gone far enough. I called Circuit City today and spoke to a store manager. I tell him my whole story. Get this: he tells me to come in tomorrow with the computer to do a flat exchange for a brand-new, new-model laptop. I am so relieved to finally hear what seems to be the end of this, but it's too good to be true. I'm trying so hard to be optimistic but I just can't. Too many times I thought I saw the end of this but it led to more and more crap. I'm having a hard time getting to sleep now mainly due to the fact that this can only lead to more stress knowing their "tough cookies" approach from earlier.

Well, here goes.
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