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So let me get this don't want me to pay you?

A mild annoyance, and very bad customer service.

So our Christmas gift from my husband's aunt was the money to pay off our credit card bill with Citi. Thus far, I've had no complaints from the company...we always pay our bill on time, and while there is a high balance from some unforeseen financial hardships that happened earlier this year, we have never made a peep about getting our fluctuating payments to them on time. We've been very good customers, pay early, and don't go above our limit. I think that's really all a CC company can ask for.

But I digress.

So aunt forks over the money to pay off our's $3000. Up until now, we've just been paying our monthly minimum...$150 to $200 (shitty interest rate). So we deposit the money into our account, then when it clears our checking, we pay Citi one lump sum...of $3000. 2 days later, it's posted to the account, we get a little e-mail from Citi noting our payment, and we rejoice...we're finally out of credit card debt! YAY!

That is, until tonight. It's been "posted" for a week. I go online to check our account just to make sure everything's kosher (the bill would have normally been due today). I see that our balance is now $115 higher than usual, and instead of a $0 balance, it's $3115 and some change. So we call up customer service and get this BS:

"We did not allow the payment because it is a large sum of money. You should be getting a letter within a week explaining it further."

To this, my husband replied, "So let me get this don't want me to pay you?"

"Yes, we want you to pay us, but $3000 was a large sum and your bank would not allow the transfer."

To which my husband fumed, "Our bank cleared the payment on the same day you, Citi, posted the payment to our account. The payment has been posted for nearly a week. Our bank has not kicked anything out. I'm looking at our online banking statement right now. What happened to the payment."

"I'm sorry, sir. We had to refuse the payment because it was a large sum. You'll be receiving a letter. Can I help you with anything else?"

By this time, husband had handed me the phone. I just told him, "You'll be hearing from us again. $3000 doesn't just go missing from our account because it's a large sum. You're a credit card company, and you gave us the option to pay our balance in full. If you're honestly going to tell me that you refuse payment from your customers, then no...I have no further business with you. And when this matter is resolved, I will have no further business with Citi. *click*"

Honestly. We can't pay our balance because it's a large sum? Are you shitting me?
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