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Bad service from Pizza Hut

So at 8 pm I ordered a pizza and breadsticks online.  My order arrives more or less on time half an hour later, I answer the door, pay, tip 15%, and race back to my apartment as I'm missing valuable seconds of Grey's Anatomy.  The pizza is wonderful.  After a few slices, I open up my breadsticks... no sauce.  This is not the bad service so much.  I mean, hey, mistakes happen.  But  Naturally, I call to complain and see if they will fix this. 

Immediately I get put on hold... for five minutes.  Finally, he picks up again, and I explain the problem:

Me: Hi, I ordered some breadsticks, and they got here a few minutes ago, but I didn't get any sauce.
PH:  No sauce?
Me:  *No, I waited on hold five minutes just to fuck with you.*   Nope, no sauce.
PH: Okay... I'll get a manager.
Me: o.O  *This requires a manager?*

***hold for anothe***

PH: Hi, the manager says we can give you a free order of breadsticks next time you order...
Me: *That does not make the ones I already have edible...*
PH: ... or we can send you out some more sauce
Me: *Bingo.*  Some sauce would be good.
PH:  Okay, we'll run that right out.

An hour later, I still have no sauce.  My breadsticks are in the fridge and I am ready to go to bed.  Uptown Minneapolis Pizza Hut sucks.

nb: My thoughts are snarky because I am hungry and my hubby has been onthe other side of the country for a month and I am grumpy.  However, I was perfectly civil on the phone. 

Light-speed edit:  I just called to tell them to forget the sauce.  Finally I get an apology and they say I'm going to get a $5 credit.  Oddly enough, this does not seem to require a manager.  Who wants to place odds on whether or not I actually get the credit?

Next day edit:   Went out and got some pizza sauce so I could eat my breadsticks.  Only to realize that there is no seasoning on said breadsticks either, unless you count the one on the end that has cinnamon on it.  At least the tomato sauce helps.
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