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Matter of Priciple Now

Typically I'm not much of a complainer unless the service is REALLY bad, and even then I don't usually expect anything above and beyond a simple apology.  Apparently this is far too hard of a concept for Pizza Hut to grasp...

On 11/15 my fiance and I were tired from running around and it got a little late so we decided to order in a pizza and breadsticks.  We've done this before on occasion and like the ability to order online since we can hem and haw over toppings without annoying someone on the phone.  So I place an order for a large pizza and breadsticks, enough for dinner and a couple of lunches.  I rarely have cash so I paid with my Visa debit card as usual, the screen at the end indicated my total with delivery fee, tax, and tip was to be $28.00.  I also received an e-mail confirmation with the same dollar amount indicated as well as an estimated delivery time of 35-45 minutes, so far pretty standard.

The driver arrived 20 minutes later (should have raised a slight red flag) and presented me with a receipt for $28.13.  Ok, so it's only 13 cents, not a huge deal yet still not what what I was expecting.  I mentioned it to the driver who didn't really have an answer, nor did I really expect her to.  I left it with telling her she may want to mention the discrepency to her manager as it may be an issue with the system that needs looking into.  I was pleasant to her as I'm sure it was not her fault and she apologized and said she would.  So far minor annoyance, but nothing earth shattering.

Once she left we opened the boxes and found SEVERELY underdone pizza and breadsticks, and the pizza looked like it had been dropped at least once as it was mangled and half the toppings were stuck to the top of the box.  It was late, and we were tired so we just threw the stuff in the oven to finish cooking it.  We're talking barely solidified raw dough underdone.

The next morning I went back online and submitted a complaint through the website.  I received an automated reply the following day indicating that they had notified the store and someone would call me to discuss the incident.  Now, had someone actually called I would have just stated my case accepted the apology and left it be.  By 11/28 I still had not heard from anyone regarding this so I submitted another complaint online and provided the case number they had sent in the auto reply e-mail.  I received another auto reply e-mail the following day indicating they were escalating the issue and someone would contact me.  As of today I still have heard no more from them.  So this time I called their customer care line and was told they had no idea why nobody had contacted me.  The lady was pleasant enough and I explained that all I wanted was an apology from the store and that now it is a matter of principle.  She has assured me that I will be getting a call from a district manager in the next couple of days...we shall see.

Ok, I know it's just 13 cents, and I know it wasn't a hugely expenseive dinner or anything, but right now I see it as Pizza Hut should be held responsible for their actions and should have to face the music, own up to it, and just apologize.  I've not turned into a raving lunatic, I didn't raise my voice with the CSR and demand compensation, I didn't type in caps in my online complaints.  All I want is a simple apology for a slight overcharge and poor quality of product, but apparently this is too difficult for Pizza Hut to grasp.  Maybe I need to get icky with them to get a response...

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