Ana (analise) wrote in bad_service,

Riiiiight (not bad but it annoyed me)

So, I swung by McDonalds on my way into work to grab something to eat for lunch. I asked for the 5 piece chicken selects meal with a sweet tea. Upon being asked if I wanted it medium or large (which is odd to me because they usually just go ahead and make that one large) I said medium, even though I knew they'd charge me the higher price for the medium tea since I didn't want all those extra fries that'd come in the large. I then asked for a second sweet tea (for those that don't know, sweet tea at McDonald's usually comes in a large cup and is on the dollar menu. Also, I think they lace it with crack. Mmm. Anyway...).

First off, though, when the guy asked me if I wanted anything else after I ordered my meal, he was already totaling it up on the screen as I asked for the second tea which then popped up on the screen by itself. I do wonder if this has bearing on what happened when I got my food.

I get to the window, do my pay thing, (and check my receipt to make sure it looks right) then pull up to the next window. The guy gives me my bag and a sweet tea in a large cup. Asks me if I want sauce (I don't) and then is all, "have a nice day!".

So I say, "Uh, I got two sweet teas." He blinks at me in confusion and asks, "you did?" and closes the window to presumably check something. Two seconds later, he's handing me another tea (also in a large cup) and says, "I don't think you did, but that's okay!" as if he's doing me a favor and giving me a free tea and not actually giving me something I ordered.

Yeah dude. Except my receipt specifically mentions two teas. Though yes, one was supposed to be a medium. And yes, I did drive away without correcting that. I was tempted to respond to the "but that's okay!" by waving the receipt at him but I didn't, I just thanked him and left.

I figure if the medium costs more than the large and I paid for the medium but got the large, it all evens out somewhere in there.
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