Stating the obvious (well_yeah) wrote in bad_service,
Stating the obvious

*Insert witty "Hi, I'm new" here*

Today I went looking for some new furniture with my parents. Now, I'm currently an interior design major, so I know a *tiny* bit about furniture (but only a bit, I've only taken about five classes so far, and it is a junior college), but one sales lady made me feel like I could host Design by Surprise all by myself.

My room is rather small, so I am looking for light colors, and I like natural finishes. We ask her if they carry anything in natural finish light woods, like maple or ash, both of which are rather pale yellow. She shows us nothing but dark honey-brown colored oak. We told her this wasn't what we asked for, but she just pointed out more of the same. We also asked to be shown some armoires, and she shows us dressers and chests. We thanked her and wandered off on our own, eventually finding a few pieces that actualy were what we were looking for.

Now, I by no means expect everyone to know as much about furniture and woods etc. as I someday hope to, but I would think that working in a furniture store would mean having a little knowledge on the subject, right? And if she was new, wouldn't it be better to ask a co-worker for assistance rather than just keep blundering on after being told that she is mistaken?

Or am I expecting too much? I had a temp job at a bookstore last year, and even though I knew that I would be fired in a few months, I made sure I beefed myself up on the latest releases so I could better help customers find what they were looking for. (You know, "Wh'rs da "Leonar-- No! Davcient... sumthin. Red cover." "Ah! DaVinci Code! Right this way Sir- er M'am er... whatever.")

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