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Backstory: I had to restart my computer from the disc a couple weeks ago. Everything went smoothly till I go t to the part where I was setting it up for wireless internet. The troubleshooting page told me that I had to download a driver from the internet in order to use the internet. Lovely. So I used my laptop to access the website for the Linksy wireless modem and downloaded the drivers. Then I moved it over onto my external harddrive, then plugged the harddrive in to my PC. Installed and set up the wireless. I fiddled around for a while, installing somethings. Finally I turned off my computer and went to bed. The next morning, the internet wasn`t working on my pc. Did some troubleshooting, and all the answers I got involved "going to the website". After fiddling around with it even more I found that the Linksy was working fine but my computer was still telling me there was no signal.

Finally I get annoyed and call tech support and try to figure out what the hell I have to do to get it working.
After waiting on hold for a few minutes a man picked up and asked me what I needed help with.

Me: *explains the problem*

Him: ... *big sigh* well.... *asks for information*

Me: *gives info*

Him: uhm...... We`re kind of busy here. Do you think you can call back in 30 minutes? Actually. Can you call back in an hour?

Me: ....e..excuse me?

Him: Well I don`t have the time right now to deal with you. Plus your computer`s warranty has expired*.

*Note: I`ve had said computer for 4+years.

Me: Well nothings wrong with the computer. I just wanted help setting up my wireless.

Him: *BIG DRAMATIC SIGH* We`re really busy right now so you have to call back in an hour and then I will set you up an account since your computer`s warranty is up.

Me: *forehead meet desk* But this is about my wire---

Him: Please call back in one hour and I`ll be happy to help you. I hope you have a nice day. *hangs up*

I told my mother about what happened and she told me I should have asked him to get me his supervisor. I`ve never been asked by tech support to just "call back later", usually they put me on hold. Is it common practice in call centers to do this?
I mean. I work in retail and if I EVER answered the phone and said: "Oh! *sighs* Well. I`d like to help you with finding out if we carry that brand of shampoo, but we`re rrrrreeeallllyyy busy and I just don`t have the time for you. Can you call back later, in like an hour?". I would have gotten in some serious trouble for that.
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