little miss sunshine (to_the_start) wrote in bad_service,
little miss sunshine

Another bad service Subway story.

I prefer Quizno's anyway but a few weeks ago I noticed that a new Subway had opened near my job. It was perfect since I had an hour long break, giving me plenty of time to eat. When I walked in, there was one girl working the counter by herself. Each time a new customer came in, she would huff and roll her eyes. Not to mention on the counter behind her was her half eaten food in plain view. How appetizing. I've been in food service for 4 years and it's an elementary concept that you only eat food on your designated breaks and wash your hands afterward.

I figured that it was nearing her break and I was right, because somebody walked in and went behind the counter (with no uniform on) and she said quite loudly "You betta get on the clock and git yo customers." She was dealing with me at this point and actually ignored the man behind me when she finished making my food and cashing me out. Apparently, he isn't her customer and the employee who isn't on the clock yet "better get him."

I would love to know what would happen at my job if I said "That's not my customer!" when they came in on my watch.
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