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Subway, Port Adelaide

I have not eaten subway in months.

For some reason, I felt the urge to, today.

I went to Subway in Port Adelaide, South Australia.

It was just after 12.30pm, and the line was 3 being served (one girl on bread & microwave, one girl on salads, one girl on cash register), 6 waiting, then me. It was fairly quick.

I ordered (six inch roast chicken) &the first girl puts my chicken in the microwave, cuts my bread &passes it for the salad girl, smiling saying 'wont be long!'

The lady in front of me ordered a six inch and a salad and was having her condiments put on. The guy after me ordered a six inch with turkey. A new lady came to help serve at that point, to get the line moving quicker.

She picked up the subway for the guy behind me, saying 'what salads?' when i was clearly in front of him, with my subway on the board in line before his.

The girl who cut my bread &put my chicken in the microwave said 'nono, that one first.' pointing to mine. THREE TIMES. The other girl who served the lady before me also pointed to mine.

The new server ignored both of them (and me, saying 'that one is mine') to serve this guy.

So, instead, the bread/microwave girl had to stop what she was doing (with the line going out the door of about 8-deep at this point) to do my salads, condiments, and pass it to the girl on the cash register all because the new server thought she was too good to do mine.

I think she thought because she was at least 40, she didn't have to listen to anyone younger than her (me = 25, the two other girls were younger than 20) telling her what to do.

Nice. Way to hold up the line of customers and unnecessarily piss me off.
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