Crazy Meg of Bedlam (smu) wrote in bad_service,
Crazy Meg of Bedlam


More like stupid service, but it irked me...

I was driving home from errands today and pulled into my local gas station to top off my car. I try and never let it get under a quarter empty, since gas is so high now. My car is an ancient but lovable 92 Chavy Cavalier and gets surprisingly good gas milage. So every two weeks, it's about $20 to fill it up.

I pull up and wait. And wait. There's only one other car there, so I figure they can't be especially busy. A man runs up, finally, and sticks his head into my car. I'm sitting there going "wtf" as he looks at my gas gauge. "Fill 'er up!" he says confidently, taking my outstretched debit card. "No, just $20 regular, please." I say, wondering just what the hell is going on. First he sticks his head INTO my car, and then just assumes I want to entirely fill my car up? He gives me a look, looks back at my gas gauge, then stomps off to pump my gas (this is New Jersey, we aren't allowed to pump our own).

Someone wanders over to clean my window, but does a half-assed job of it, leaving the passanger-side window still half-covered in suds. Plus, it's starting to rain, I really don't think I need my window cleaned if it's raining.

The gas machine signals it's done and the man is, again, no where to be seen. I wait and he finally reappears. He slams closed the lid of the gas cap, says nothing as he shoves my card at me, and then storms away!

Usually I get good service there, but tonight was just full of "wtf".
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