doylescordy (doylescordy) wrote in bad_service,

Annoyance at Zaxby's.

How is "I want the $4.99 buffalo wing meal" hard to understand?

It was to this one cashier, who at first tried to charge me for a $6 and something meal, and then had to call someone else over to remove it from the order when I told her that was the wrong one.

Then she went on to tell me "We don't have a $4.99 buffalo wing meal".

Uh, lady, I'm looking RIGHT at it on the menu! You also have it advertised on a HUGE poster advertising it right beside the register! I'm pointing it out to you, and you STILL don't grasp what I'm trying to order. I even pointed out specifically on the menu where it was listed.

Finally, you pretended to understand. When our order came, you STILL gave us the wrong meal. I just kept it, because by this point there was a line almost out the door because it was lunch time and they were super busy, and it would take forever to do it over. Just annoying.
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