Elisa (lush_1984) wrote in bad_service,

why you do this?

So I wanted to tell you about what happened to my fiance a couple of weeks ago that ticked us off.
He had been with a Telstra (our major phone giant that most networks run off) Mobile Plan for the better part of 3 years. He was on a $49 cap plan with handset repayments. About 1 year ago his contract expired and his handset was also paid for. Cue the marketing calls for re-joining to a new plan. These calls would amount to about 5-6 attempts per day on a weekend and about 3 times a night- all to get him to rejoin on another plan. Fiance wanted to wait for his perfect phone to come out over here (November just gone) and then he was going to go with whoever offered the best deal with that phone. Makes sense so far? Well we ended up disconnecting our home phone because of all the calls and my Fiance went to get his new phone from Vodafone because their prices were good and they were also the only ones offering the phone. Fiance wanted to keep his number and therefore Vodafone had to port it over from Telstra, now given that Fiance was not on a plan, there was only a small disconnection fee ($30). Supposedly. However, the final bill came through from Telstra about a week later for $95 and we were shocked to find that the items listed on the bill were;
Change to Telstra $25 plan from $49 cap plan 15/11/07 (funnily enough, the date that fiance purchased phone)+
Disconnection rate from $25 plan 16/11/07 =$95 (the date that the number was actually ported
and then the other charges were just phone calls made from his number.
So somehow he's magically been added to a plan and then had to pay the disconnection from that plan. HRMMM.
Fiance then called to enquire how they managed to put him on a new plan when he hasn't signed any papers except for the wodafone ones, he was told that he had made a verbal agreement on a marketing call and that, that was all the proof that they needed, she then hung up on him.
Fiance has to call back when he's not working because he refuses to pay a disconnection notice for a plan that he never agreed to.
I hate phone companies sometimes.

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