retailhate (retailhate) wrote in bad_service,

To WalMart, Target, etc!

For the love of God please do not spend millions and millions building your stores with 20 damn checkout lanes and then only ever have 4 of them open.  Please.  It makes the lines take forever this time of year.  I swear, the two WalMart supercenters and the Target near me both are terrible about this.  At 630 in the evening, they'll have 3-5 checkstands open, resulting in long lines and long waits--and heavens forfend if someone needs a price check, or something a manager has to go get, because that backs up everything another 10 minutes, because they all seem to have only one manager on duty at any given time.
Seriously, the retail stores I used to work at did this too, and while I understand about cost-control, this is just so freaking annoying for EVERYONE involved.  It does not matter how fast the checker is, there's still going to be a long wait for us, and for the poor checkout people it means they can not go and take breaks or ever catch their breath.  How about we take 1 million USD off our CEO's salaries, and use that to fund more part time cashiers for those busy times? Please? God knows the Waltons are already stinking rich.
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