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Bad Service At Target

Target is my discount store of choice. I dislike Walmart's business practices and hate shopping there. However, bad service at Target sent me to Wally World last night.

My daughter and I stopped by Target on the way to pick out our Christmas tree yesterday evening. There were a few cute thing at the $1.00 area that I allowed her to add to our cart along with the necessities I wanted to purchase. One was a little kit to make her own Christmas cards and the other was a little pet stocking for her dog.

I understand the holiday shopping season has started and the store is busier than normal. It did look like Target's management allowed for that because there were four registers opened. I got on the shortest line and noticed after a few minutes it wasn't moving. Shortly after the person in front of me gave up and went to another register. I then saw that the cashier was entering information from the customer to get him approved for a credit card. Ok, I thought, I can wait a few more minutes. After she had to reenter the information FIVE times (with the customer's help no less) the screen said it was processing...and processing....and processing. After doing that for SEVEN minutes, (I was texting so kept noting the time) she finally called over a manager. The manager came over and started messing with the machine. At no time did the cashier or the manager address any customers in the line to explain the wait or even apologize. Nothing.

At that point, I thought 15 minutes was plenty and moved to a new line. This time the express because I really had only a few things. Much to my frustration, that one wasn't moving either. Apparently, the cashier was waiting for a price check. I asked her if she was waiting for the manager as I just saw him tied up and she said no..that was all, just no. Minutes past again and finally someone came from the floor. I have never seen someone walk so slowly in my life. She looked at the item ( the ugliest wood elephant I have ever seen btw) and headed off at a snails pace. Of course no word of apology from the cashier to the ten or so people that were now on that line. I glanced over to the old register to see if I screwed up by moving but nope, manager was still messing with the computer.

I stuck this out so long because I know my daughter really wanted her little treats but at the point, I had had it. I pushed my card to customer service and left.

I am a patient person but what pissed me off was the lack of explanation, acknowledgement or apology from the manager or the cashiers. Without exaggeration, I spent over thirty minutes ON LINES. Of course I wasn't the only customer to walk out. The snail like price check girl was the final straw.

Nice going Target. I guess I need to try Kmart now.

(I have no idea how to do a cut so if someone wants to explain it in the comments, I would be happy to do so if this is too long)
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