Combat Wombat (romeo46) wrote in bad_service,
Combat Wombat

This Christmas is Going to Suck Courtesy of the Following

Dear Circuit City,

Is the USPS location in whatever part of Missouri you're located in closed? Why did you feel the need to FedEx my copy of Rock Band to California to then have it sent via USPS? You know the APO address you are mailing it to? It works from any USPS location not just some special one in California.


DIAF all suck. Why is it I can place and get over 700 dollars worth of electronics from you no problem but you now suddenly felt the need to not only hold up my order because of some weird system that only makes sense to you but then CANCEL MY DAMN ORDER with no notification or anything. You suck. I have been waiting for two weeks for some word from you all and nothing.

Dear Yankee Candle,

I live in Seoul Korea. There is a 14 hour time difference between your store and my home. When I go to your website to order something I can understand that your system has a problem with APO addresses. No problem. What makes you guys make the list is your hours are listed from 7:00AM-5PMEST. When I call to talk to you at 7:00AM EST it is 9PM Japan/Korea time. I have already been up since four that morning and would like to get my shopping done so I can get ready for bed. If you changed your hours fine BUT UPDATE THE DAMN WEBSITE!!!!

PS: To Michelle from Yankee Candle. You rock! Seriously, when I called and talked to you you got the order done quickly, didn't flip out over my international phone number(No, you can't call Korea with only ten digits. I can't even call Seoul with ten digits) and still gave me the special Cyber Monday price for my candles saving me 30 dollars on my order even though it was Tuesday morning for you Tuesday night for me. I hope you get a raise.

The real irony about these orders is with the exception of the Yankee Candle none were placed during the holiday season, but because of the companies crazy policies whatnot what would normally take one week to reach Korea will take two to three extra weeks. Anyone want to play a little math game with me? December 1st plus three weeks= a more than better chance it won't be here before Christmas
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