Kisara (kisarax) wrote in bad_service,

I will get you bus driver. >_>!

So after work, I wait for the bus.

Bus usually comes at 15 after the hour. I was there at right at the hour just to be safe.

.....30 past the hour comes. Okay, maybe traffic.

50 past the hour comes... ... >_> No thanks IT DOESN'T TAKE THAT LONG EVEN WITH TRAFFIC.

...55 past the hour, the bus comes. I ask the bus driver politely why he was so late.

"Oh, I was at my house down the neighborhood and forgot time." Then he went on to say "I'm the bus driver, I do what I want"

...Yeah. It wasn't a good day. I've been awake since 3am and it was 7'o clock at night and I had done a split shift for the day. Me was not happy.

Of course, I will get him.
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