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Sometims the mail man makes me angry...he's really just a kid from what I can tell...

Dear Mr. Mail Person.

My mail box has a door on it. With this said this door opens and closes just like any other mail box. I'm sure you've lived in Indiana longer than I have for I've only been here three months. Of course you know that it could be bright and sunny and dark and flooding in a blink of an eye. I really wish you'd close my mail box door so my mail stops gettin soaked or lost because the wind took it away. I hate having to lurk around the window all day waiting for you to come by. I'm tired of seeing my packages getting rubber bandded to my mail box on a busy road where someone could take the things I order and paid for. I'm sure your job is awful, that's why you ride around in your mail car with no shirt on and your music blasting but please for the love of God can you just close my mail box door PLEASE?

Thank you.
- A really irritated Larissa
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