Jules Noctambule, Startle-A-Thompsons-Gazelle Ltd. (werewolf_lib) wrote in bad_service,
Jules Noctambule, Startle-A-Thompsons-Gazelle Ltd.

Oh, Time Warner, How I Hate You

Recently, my husband and I moved into a new house. As we decided that we'd like our phone, internet and cable services to move with us, we called our local monopolizing company provider, Time Warner. That was on the 9th of November.

Some of you may notice that it is now the 30th of November, a date far away from the 9th, and yet the latest example of their horrible service happened only this morning!

First strike: No one showed the day our installation was scheduled. I call TW; the rep claims there was no installation scheduled. Really? I guess I pulled the confirmation number out of thin air! Three reps later, one of them finally admits that hey! looks like there was one after all! I am assured that someone will arrive in the same time frame the next day. Only. . .

Second strike: . . .no one does. Call TW again, get a clueless rep again, finally speak to the sane woman from the previous day who apologises(even though none of it is her fault) and promises she'll get someone there the following day if she has to bring them herself. I wish she had -- they might have shown up on time!

Several hours and many irate phone calls later, someone shows up. This man is a gem among cable installers -- polite, funny, and quick. Unfortunately, the dispatcher neglected to tell the poor fellow that he'd be needing to install new outlets in our house despite my stressing this fact in every call. He was here until after midnight! He wouldn't let me make dinner for him but he did accept tea and homemade cookies and you can bet every TW person who matters has heard about the wonderful service he provided. Alas, he couldn't install the phone itself as he had not been given one by TW. Which brings us to today. . .

Strike three: . . .where, despite my asking for a phone call before the tech arrives(something I'm told is standard), I notice a strange man standing in my yard while I'm about to get into the shower. Nice!
It's the tech, and he's late. He claims not to have called because his phone was dead.

I call TW again. The phone rep says that yes indeed, there's a request for a pre-arrival call listed on our account in big, bold letters. I open the front door and there's tech guy, happily chattering away on his 'dead' phone! He notices me -- uh-oh, busted. The TW rep also overheard him talking, which ruins that claim of his. ETA: as a poster below reminded me: Also, it seems he failed to bring the right stuff for the install and was utterly perplexed by the fact that all he needed to do was plug in the phone jack. . .that he didn't have.

I get transferred to a supervisor, who pulls the guy off the job and promises me someone will come tomorrow to do the phone.

I'm not holding my breath.
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