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Tales of Dell

Alright, so my laptop charger died. This is the second time in four years it's happened. It's two weeks before finals, and I had three papers due at the end of this week. Fun. (Yes, I am in the market for a new laptop, just need this thing called credit since I won't be able to afford one in cash for at least two more years and this one won't last)

My brother occasionally uses my laptop and failed to tell me the cord was dead until after I was nearly out of power after I took it from him. He fails.

But so does Dell.

Schedule style:

Sunday night: Death of the cord. Go on Dell's site to order a new one, groaning at the $69.99 price tag. Dad wanted to use the Dell Dollars he'd gotten out of the blue when he renewed the warranty on our XPS machine (it was listed on the confirmation email). But there was no coupon code to use it. So we got on the phone and got S. It was clear we'd gotten the call center somewhere in India. My dad was on the phone for a while, from the sounds of it things were going in circles. First verifying the warranty. Then he could see the warranty on the account, but not the machine the warranty had been bought for. He focused on completely irrelevant details, and eventually the call ended with a promise to call back the next day.

Monday: I talk to my professors, they're awesome about it, and I get extensions on my papers through the next weekend. S calls back, more nothing done. We order my cord from a third party, and get it two day shipping (overall price is less than the cord before shipping from Dell).

Tuesday: I'm home, I answer S's call while my dad is in class. I tell him to call back after 6:30 Central time to speak to my dad since I wasn't privy to all that had been handled so far. He seemed to have an "Oh well" attitude about the missing fifty bucks. Well yeah, it's not yours. He fails to call anytime at all after 6:30.

Wednesday: Dad calls the regular number, not S's direct number, to start over with someone that actually knows what they're doing. He reaches P. P handles it all quickly, and when my dad mentions we'd bought the item someone else, he increases it to $75. (Not at any request of ours.)

Thursday: New cord arrives and all is well again. Sent email to P's manager (address supplied in his email with the coupon code for the Dell Dollars) saying how awesome he was and how much S sucked.

So the issue was resolved finally, with a little for the hassle. Also not worth the stress of worrying over getting my shit done. Two weeks before finals, I don't need this bullshit.
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