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Might not be really bad service, but hey...'d help if you told us if we hadn't paid the rest of our water bill right that second, you'd turn the water off.

My mom was in the tub, my dad wasn't home, and I'm just being a good kid by going back and forth from the front door to the bathroom to tell my mom what you needed.
This is how it ensued yesterday;

Lady from water/bill collection-company thing: -knock knock on door-
Mom, from in the bathroom: ACIDADDICTION!!!
Mom: WHEN?!
Me: -doesn't answer and runs to get the door- Hello?
Lady:  Hello, I need you to pay your water bill. It's $XX.XX.
Me: Uhm, hokay, hold on. -runs to bathroom- Mom? Some lady is here to collect the money for the water bill.
Mom: Tell her to come back tomorrow, I'm in the tub.
Me: -runs to front door- Can you come back tomorrow?
Lady: -frowns, then smiles- No. -shakes head.
Me: Okay. -runs back to bathroom- She can't come tomorrow.
Mom: -gets pissed and starts screaming- I'M IN THE TUB, TELL HER TO COME BACK LATER!
Me: -ears are ringing now- x.x Okay. -runs back to door- In case you didn't hear her, come back later.
Lady: I can't. -gives me the bill- Take this and she can deal with it later.
Me: 'Kay. -shuts door, sets bill on the end table and runs to tell mother- She left the bill and told me you could deal with it later.
Mom: Okay.
Me: -goes back to my room-
Mom: -comes in quite a few minutes later- Bitch turned the water off!
Me: O.o; Heh?
Mom: -starts calling around, trying to pay the rest of our money and get out water back on-

And yup, we got our water back on that same day. XD;

Andyeah. That's all of it.
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