alouette_sparra (alouette_sparra) wrote in bad_service,

Not the worst service ever, but...

Okay, so like the subject line says, this isn't the worst service in the history of customer service, but still. Pretty disgusting to me.

The family (sister, her hubby, nephew, and I) went out to eat at a pizza buffet in town. The pizza itself? Alright. Nothing too special, but hey, all you can eat pizza. Not arguing with that.

The salad bar, however...

I enjoy fruit with my meals. So I was excited to see that they had peaches there, even though they were the sort canned in syrup, because a lot of places with small salad bars don't have fruit of any sort. I took a few peaches, some salad, and some pizza, and went to go eat.

I took one bite of peach, and promptly spit it out onto a napkin. I normally have no bad reactions to peach, but this one made my mouth burn, and it tasted rotten and moldy, although it looked normal. Then my sister tells me that some of the cauliflower was "growing". So I went up and informed the employee at the counter that the peaches had gone bad, and so had some of the cauliflower, then went to finish the rest of my meal.

Needless to say I did not return to the salad bar portion, although I did get more pizza and some dessert. For the rest of the time we were there (approximately a half-hour), I did not see an employee go near the salad bar once, even though there was not a rush, and therefore, no reason why someone couldn't have gone and pulled those two items. In fact, several employees were standing around, and did not appear to be doing much of anything.

Hopefully someone fixed it. We mentioned it again as we left, and the only response was, "Okay. Sure."

Won't be going there for a bit though. Seriously, I'm just glad I didn't lose my appetite or throw up, which is why I don't consider this horrible.

EDIT: Thanks. I definitely will call the health department about this. I really like that place otherwise, but if they don't clean up their act, they'll be shut down for good, not just for the few days it'll take to clear that whole mess up. I can't believe I didn't think of that.

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