kahlan_amnell (kahlan_amnell) wrote in bad_service,

This is why I'm glad I check the expiration dates on food...

Two weeks ago when I was trying to buy some fresh mozzarella cheese from the small local grocery store I noticed that some of the cheese had expired on 10/27/07. About half the bin of cheese packages had this expiration date. I told the cashier about it, and she sent someone to deal with it.

Today I went to get more cheese, and noted that the same cheese from 10/27/07 was still there, now one day short of a month expired. The newest cheese in the bin had an expiration date of 11/24/07. The bin next to it had cheese that was still good, but the bin was covered in sticky residue, probably from a cheese package bursting. I took the bin of expired cheese to the cashier and pointed out how out of date it was, and that this was the same cheese I pointed out two weeks ago. If it is still there the next time I go in, I think a call to the health department is in order. I'm glad I check expiration dates, some people just assume that if it is still on the shelf it is good.
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