Midnight Silver (reijigin) wrote in bad_service,
Midnight Silver

A general gripe

I'm in desperate need of some warmer clothes (just moved to a MUCH colder climate) and also some nicer things like slacks and blouses because I am greatly lacking. So far every store I've gone to this month has just been INSANELY disorganized. And I mean long before Black Friday.

Now, I'm not going to get miffed if the hangers are labeled with a size and the item on that hanger isn't the same size. This is why I check the tag before I pull something off the rack-- you can't always trust the hangers, and sometimes they're wrong. But so far every store I've gone to has had everything on hangers that are meant to label size, but they're all mixed up. I mean, ALL of them are mixed up and only a couple in each store is actually on the correct hanger. The overwhelming majority is on a hanger with a totally random size on it. This makes it REALLY, REALLY difficult to sift through racks that have lots of different items on them, or racks that have lots of items where size isn't immediately evident (like pants). It's been the same with folded items-- usually, the smallest sizes are on the top and get bigger towards the bottom. The places I've been in recently don't even have half the stuff folded most of the time, and the rest of it is out of order.

This isn't something that usually bothers me at all (because I know organizing that stuff is a pain in the ass and VERY difficult to do when the store is busy) but it's EVERY DISPLAY AND RACK in EVERY STORE I've been in this month. It makes it take a crapload longer than it should to find a size, and considering that my size is difficult to find (my size is basically whatever the smallest size available is-- 1, 0, 00, etc) and is too big more often than not.

And I don't shop at peak times like weekends, either. I shop square in the middle of weekdays after my morning classes when no one else is in the store. I would expect this just after Black Friday, but it's been like this since long before that. Cripes. I know it's not a huge deal but I'm actually in pretty serious need of warm/business clothes and I'm very short on time with finals coming soon and final projects/papers all being due in the next week. Today it took me some thirty to forty minutes to find two pairs of pants (one size away from mine) and three skirts (my size) because they were all jumbled together with styles mixed up everywhere and nothing on the proper hanger and even some things had tags that didn't match the label attached to the garment! I never mind this when it happens occasionally, but EVERYTHING in the store? Come on, guys.
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