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A copy of what I just submited via the McDonalds webstite feedback form...

*Removed Personal Information*
VisitType: Drive-Thru
RestAddress: 11364 FOLEY BLVD NW
RestState: MN
Comment:I ordered a #11 (10 Chicken Nuggets) meal and it was so cold I didn't stick around to check out what I had, since Ive always had good service at this location in the past and it was a cold night to be sitting in the cold(7 F). However when I got home and checked my meal, I found inside a Nugget box, labeled as a 10 Chicken Nuggets, was 3 of what appears to be chicken strips.If the location was out of nuggets, and was substituting I was NOT warned, and I do not believe that 3 strips is = 10 nuggets. I would have had no problem if I had been TOLD and given the option of ordering something else. However I do not believe it to be good practice to assume someone will just accept something in place of what they ordered.I would go back, however it is 7 F outside, and extreamly cold, and I don't feel its worth the trip over something so small. I just wanted to voice how unhappy I was to not be asked first, or warned about the switch. I will be thinking twice about going to this location a second time in the future.

Anyone know if this is common practice nowdays? I know that the value of 3 strips is the same or more then 10 nuggets but to be honest it's not as filling as 10 (as I'm REALLY starved) and 2 of the 3 strips where scrawny, with about 1 1/2 bites worth of meat. Unlike the third that was a full sized 3-4 bite strip. I just assumed good business practice would be to WARN me or ask, before they just give me something else in place of them.
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