Anne (zero_time) wrote in bad_service,

Just want to vent

I'm traveling, so I get to eat in a lot of unfamiliar places. This evening I stopped in at a pizza/kebab place, placed my order and sat down to read a book I'd just gotten. The guy behind the counter started talking to me- asking if I was a student, etc., while my pizza was cooking. Then he asked the question that I have learned very quickly to dread: not 'are you married' but 'do you have a husband?' And then he more or less commenced hitting on me, including telling me to stay and talk with him. (He also said that he liked me and that I was a sweet girl. Oddly enough, the only people who ever, ever tell me that I'm sweet- or worse yet,t hat I'm a nice quiet girl- are people who have cornered me when I'm reading or embroidering or doing something unsocial, and by the time they say it, I just want them to die so the horrible painful conversation will end.) He also put a bit of mango sauce, without my requesting it, in the corner of the box; I didn't request it (edited to add that when he offered it I declined it; he put it in anyway) because I don't like mangoes. And when I was standing, ready to go, having excused myself from talking with him at the time, he said that I had to come back and see him tomorrow and that 'you cannot escape me!' I finally said that maybe I would come back tomorrow, and he wanted to know what time. When I finally escaped, I took one bite of the pizza and threw it away because it was so bad.

I know this might sound a bit intolerant, but the only guys who ever, ever do this all are foreign and have accents, so between a minor hearing problem that I have and some major introversion/shyness issues, this sort of conversation is just agony, especially once I finally figure out that they're trying to pick me up. There's no way I'm going back to that pizza place, tomorrow or ever. We'll see how fucking sweet I am then
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