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The flip side... bad customers being rude/harrassing/abusive to employees and their rights

I know the point of this community is to complain about bad service/stores/employees. But I wanted to ask you this...

"What about bad customers who are being rude/harrassing/abusive to an employee, especially if it turns into things about them such as disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, clothing, etc.? What do you think should happen to those customers? What would you do if you saw this kind of thing going on? I hope that you would do something about it, instead of just standing back and watching.

The hardest part is knowing where to draw the line between making customers happy (the "customer is always right" mentality), and the amount of abuse/harrassment/rudeness that an employee should have to tolerate.

The next time you deal with employees at a store, think about what you're saying and your behavior towards them, especially if you are getting angry. Some of us are just high-school/college-age kids who are just trying to make enough money so that we can go to school, and get out into the real world, with a high-paying job.

I'm writing this, not because I'm looking for sympathy, but because of the significance of the question that it begs. Personally, I don't care about the girls. What bothers me is the fact that I didn't know what to do, and my co-workers didn't know what to do as well. There were other people who saw what happened, and also didn't know what to do. Granted, this kind of stuff rarely, if ever, happens. But the fact is, that it did happen. It could be those girls, it could have been an adult, a 80-year old man, a 37-year old woman, anything. The point is, it happened yesterday, and it could very well happen again in the future (i would hope not), and it could be from an adult, not just a kid.

I hope that you, the reader, will offer your thoughts and feedback on these questions and any others that may arise. What do you think is appropriate?

Realize that this does not only apply to being deaf, but in a wheelchair, vision loss, using assistive devices, your religion, ethnicity, choice of dress, and so on. It's not just about being deaf. It could apply to anything about you that they would find funny.</blockquote>

Considering all that you have just read, ask yourself what you are going to do now, if you see this kind of thing happening. Will you stand up and do something? It's possible that someday it will be you on the flip side of the coin, dealing with someone who is being abusive towards you. I just want you to consider this.

So, with that being said, open up the lines of dialogue with your co-workers, supervisors, friends, family, whatever. Spread the word! Now go make a difference in your world! (do let me know what happens when you go and speak up about this for yourself at your work. I'd also appreciate it if you let me know if you are linking to this.).

THE FULL STORY. Feel free to leave a comment there (please do!). It's going to be public, unless something happens. If it's not, leave a message and I'll re-post it for you.
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