Jen (jenria17) wrote in bad_service,

Banking bad service turned good

*Disclaimer*: They did fix their mistake, however I still feel it was bad service on the part of the teller, and because it took me all day to fix (and I had to borrow rent money from my parents).

I got a new husband in June, and along with him, we signed up for our first joint checking/savings account. Once I got all the paperwork filled out to get my name changed (we opened the account 3 weeks before we got married, then changed my name on it as soon as the license came in), I decided to order checks.

Now in the teller's defense, I had just deposited money in my personal account, but which part of "I would like to order checks on the joint account" was so hard to understand? Wouldn't you ask before putting someone's name on a check when their name's not on the account?

Well, no questions, no problems (I thought). Checks arrive 10 buisness days later, and I check the balance in the joint, then write the checks for the bills, then promptly go to TN for 2 days. I come back to a shitstorm, and a balance of $-800 in my *personal* account! She'd put the checks on the wrong damned account! Rent's due that day, and I can't pay it because even though I have the money, it'll get sucked into big black hole that was my checking account. Bless my mom for writing a check for me.

At least only the electric bill bounced, and we got that taken care of promptly. And the bank did refund all bounced check/overdraft/etc fees, including the cost of the checks (because the first book of checks are SUPPOSED to be free apparently).

So dear teller: you suck at life, and your job. It took the better part of two days to sort through the mess you caused. And seriously -- charging for what were supposed to be free checks? I now avoid you every time I go in.

Dear Managers: Thank you for fixing everything quickly. Your ability to fix your screwups is the reason I stayed with ya'll.

And to myself: CHECK THE DAMNED ACCOUNT NUMBER NEXT TIME! That was a painful way to learn that lesson...

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