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I just came back from Coles Supermarket, Port Adelaide.

They run a system where you need a gold coin ($1, $2) to get a trolley. I guess because of the area (hurray, high unemployment rate, derosville!) they get a lot of trolleys go missing, and hence need to use this system, because a few other Coles nearby don't do this.

I happily get my trolley, do my shopping, put it in the car, go to return the trolley.

Coles and K-Mart (Coles = supermarket. K-Mart = everything else i.e. clothes, hardware, music stuff, auto stuff, etc) are sharing one building, split in half.

Hence, they have COLES trolleys and also K-MART trolleys.

Do you think they consulted each other when purchasing trolleys? No. Do they fit one inside the other? No. So you cannot shove a Coles trolley in the back of a K-Mart trolley and vice versa.

This is annoying, but the trolley returns in the carpark have 3 rows - 1 Coles, 1 K-Mart, 1 Woolworths (another supermarket on other side of carpark).

SO TODAY i go to reutn my trolley, find a row of a dozen Coles trolleys, and shove my trolley up the back of this row.

No go.

I pry my trolley back out &try again, thinking I was off alignment.

No go.

The trolley collection guy came past with a row of trolleys at this point &informs me 'Nah, it won't fit love. It's a different trolley.'

I say 'it's a Coles trolley going into a Coles trolley.'

He tells me 'yeah nah it's a new type of trolley. You've prolly jammed it in now.'

By this point I am walking away, thinking i really am not that depserate for my $1 coin back that bad and say 'There's no sign for that.'

He says 'Don't worry, babe. They just got released for use today.'

He was semi-nice about it, and didn't mean the 'you're prolly jammed it in now' comment meanly (although he should have, for $4 an hour i'd be constantly pissed off at that job) but I just shrugged if ott &got in my car.

REALLY. NEW TROLLEYS? THAT LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THE OLD ONES? That's not going to cause many people to get pissed off is it?! And by not taking the old ones out of circulation?

I realise now that when i picked my trolley when i first started this shopping expedition, inside Coles, the trolley was not pushed into the back of another one.. it was just chained to it, facing the other way. Obviously I'm not the first today to have this problem.

You suck, Coles. If it weren't for your 4c off a litre of petrol (plus my Coles Source card giving me another 4c off) I'd go elsewhere.
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