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Accumulated bank sucks

I needed a new bank when I moved last year. I picked Zions Bank because they were close to my new house and they offered free student checking.

I'd never heard of overdraft protection before (my old bank didn't offer it). The rep who set up my account told me that it was so great, it saved her all the time and all she had to pay was the interest. It turned into interest plus irregular automatic withdrawals that sent my account negative a few times.

I decided to take out a loan earlier this year to pay off my computer (which has an insane interest rate) and a few other things. I didn't have good enough credit to do it on my own, so my grandmother agreed to cosign. She lives in another state, so I asked the rep (same as earlier) if she was still eligible to co-sign. Yes, she said, as long as she is in the United States. So I continue on with the process with the loan officer (after confirming that my grandma could co-sign for me with him as well) and get approved. A couple of days later, the loan officer calls me back and says that someone in his department denied my loan because my co-signer was in a different state. Apparently Louisiana is no longer one of the fifty states...

A few months later, I'm out of state and I stopped at a store to get batteries and snacks for the ride home. Use my debit card and it goes over by about fifteen cents. No problem, transactions at that store always takes two or three days to clear. I get home a couple of hours later (still in business hours) and transfer money from my money market account to cover it. The transfer clears first and all is well until a couple of days later. Suddenly the transfer is pending again and I've been hit with a fifteen dollar fee for the overage. (Overdraft was maxed out at this point due to them pulling out large payments at random times with several transactions pending, forcing those transactions to be paid with overdraft protection)

Things got bad financially not long after and the account ending up being closed. I reopened it last month. Still free checking with free checks, only no debit card for now. I had checks ordered for the first time that day, but they never came. Apparently she didn't finish the order although she said she did. In the meantime, I had to rely on my ATM card as no businesses take temporary checks anymore. I'm being charged $1.50 for every atm transaction (including balance inquiries!) at all machines even those that are supposedly no-fee.

There was a random "maintenence fee" on my statement that wiped my account out. Went to the rep (same as all the above stories unfortunately), and asked her about it while she was reordering my checks. She didn't know what it was, but she said she would remove it, plus the extra atm fees. It's been a couple of weeks, and still no reimbursement.

My checks finally came in last week along with a fifteen dollar charge for ordering them. So much for being free...


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