kdorian (kdorian) wrote in bad_service,

Best Buy: Black Friday

Just a note to the management of the Best Buy at the Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, NC:

I've never worked Black Friday at your store, or in fact anywhere. I've never worked at your store at all.

But even I, the lowly consumer who shops there once a year at most, am aware that on Black Friday, people will run from the parking lot to try to jump the lines at the moment the doors open - or when you start handing out tickets for items - unless you do something to prevent it.

You didn't. Then you decided that it would be too difficult to figure out who had really been in line, and just handed out the tickets to whoever was around at the front of the line after the rush.

You suck. And I bet it was just a treat for the people under you to have to deal with 200+ people (who had been waiting for hours) were ABSOLUTELY FUCKING FURIOUS that you let it happen.

Here's a hint: try talking to the folks with heavy jackets, blankets, chairs, sleeping bags, and even tents; they've had a chance to get to know the folks beside them in the last 6 to 18 hours. Also, a security guard. Maybe even a barrier - the local Target managed to keep their line orderly by using a shopping cart barricade.

Edit: Store name corrected from "Best Buys" to "Best Buy"
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