Yes. (villalobos108) wrote in bad_service,


I went to Staples today to print out a brochure for my business. It was a simple tri-fold brochure. I just needed copies.

I ordered them printed on 32-pound ivory executive paper, double-sided. What did I come home with? Some of my 100 copies were on 32-pound ivory, some were on 24-pound ivory. Some were on ivory card stock, and some were on 32-pound slate. They were usable, but they were not what I asked for. This happens (in some variation) every time I am forced to use Staples or Kinkos for a print job. Print jobs...that's what they do, right?? How the fuck do these places stay in business? I am seriously asking. If out of every 100 pieces of a print job there is a 75% failure rate, how can the company possibly function? I am a massage therapist. If out of 100 deep tissue massages booked, I gave 25 deep tissue, 35 Swedish, 25 Shiatsu/Reiki sessions, and 15 grilled cheese sandwiches, I wouldn't be very successful, would I? Grilled cheese sandwiches are nice, but not when you booked an effing massage!!!
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