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The ramblings of a pissed off pregnant woman

I didn't have a medical story when all those were going around. I read them and thought, "Wow have I been lucky!" Well my luck has run out.

Tuesday, Nov 20th - It begins:
My high risk doctor tells me we need to induce on Friday due to gestational diabetes. My baby is perfect weight right now, but I've shown NO signs of labor, at all. He doesn't want to wait any longer. He leaves without telling me anything besides, "You're being induced on Friday."
Later in the day I call the hospital and they have no record of me needing to be induced. They tell me that they will call the doctor, get my paperwork, fax it to my OB, have my OB go over it and fax it back. They will then call me to tell me what's going on.

5 hours later, I have yet to hear anything so I call them. They have yet to fax the paper work but can I call my OB to let her know to expect them?

I call my OB, she says fine but can I call them back to let them know the office is closing early and can they get them with in the next two hours.

I call the hospital back and get someone who picked up the phone with a sigh. I explain the situation and hear, "Ma'am you are NOT the only patient we have, we will get to it."

I call the OB 30 minutes before they close. No paper work.

Back to the hospital we go. They tell me they faxed the papers and they came back stating I wasn't a patient. So, they faxed the papers, there was a problem with said papers and no one called me because...?
Well turns out they faxed them to the wrong OB! So they faxed them to the right OB but the office is all ready closed.

Wednesday, Nov 21st - And we wait:
The OB calls me at 10:30am wanting to know if I've head from the hospital. She drove from her home 45 minutes away to her office after hours to get the papers and fax them back. I have heard nothing. She says she's going to call them and she will call me back.

At 1PM she calls me back. The hospital has me down for Monday at midnight. Sah-weet. We're good to go. Only not. She can't be there to deliver my baby. Then I'm not going. I don't want some stranger delivering my baby. OK fine, she'll just call them back, move it to Friday and all is good. The hospital will call me back.

Only they don't. So I call her office at 2pm, it's closed.

I call the hospital, I get an answering machine telling me unless it's an emergency to leave a message. I leave a message.

Thursday, Nov 22nd - Why aren't you here?
12:30AM, my phone rings. I have yet to sleep. My boyfriend is out with a friend for one last night of doing whatever the hell men do when they go out. It's the hospital, and they want to know where I'm at. Why? Because I was scheduled for a Midnight induction. Yeah the one no one called me about.
I can PROBABLY come in, but is my OB there? No. Some random OB, they have no idea who it is. They tell me they will page my OB and call me back if they can get her. If not, they won't call me and to just come in at 10PM tonight.

2AM (or 20 minutes ago) they call me back. My OB is waiting, where am I? Well lets see you told me you would call me back and this is the first phone call I've received. So again, I'm at home trying to do a thing called SLEEP.
Lady on the phone get an attitude, telling me they have gone out of their way for me.

Oh really? Out of your way? Scheduling me without telling me. Not calling me when you said you would. Faxing my papers to the wrong OB and not bothering to try and resolve the situation until I call to inquire about the papers. Wow, yeah you've REALLY gone out of your way for me. If this is above and beyond I would hate to see "average" service from these people.
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