Sharon (moonshaz) wrote in bad_service,

Jimmy John's

I really like Jimmy John's turkey sandwiches a lot better than Subway. JJ's tastes a lot better to me. But I have become very reluctant to get one at my local JJ's. Why? Well...

The last couple of times I got a sandwich there, the guy who was made it (a different guy each time) took the bread and laid it right down on the butcher block counter with nothing under it. At Subway, they always lay a sheet of paper down first and make the sandwich on the paper. But the last couple of times I've been to JJ's, they made the sandwich right on the bare counter then picked it up and put it on the paper to wrap it.

On top of that, the counter both times was littered with random shreds of lettuce and who knows what all else. Am I being unreasonable to feel that it's icky for my sandwich to be made right on a bare countertop like this? In my view there are two things wrong with this: 1) making the sandwich with nothing between it and 2) the countertop being so messy to begin with.

I'm really embarrassed to admit that I actually let this happen not once but TWO times. I'll admit that the first time I wasn't really paying attention. In fact, I didn't notice what had happened until I saw him pick the sandwich up and put it on the paper to wrap it. I wasn't pleased, but what was done was done, it was late, I was tired, and I just wanted to get the hell out of there. So I let it go.

The next time I went it, I really should have been on my guard, but once agan, it was late, I was tired, etc. etc. And it just happened SO fast. I gave my order, and before I knew it, the bread was down on the counter amid the lettuce shreds again. I really had thought the other time was just a fluke and wasn't expecting it to happen again. I know, silly me, but I wasn't; in fact I was so surprised that I couldn't think wtf to say. (It didn't help that once again, it was late and I was very tired and in a hurry to get my food and go home.)

So we've now established that I'm idiot, but while I may be slow, I am not completely stupid. And now that this has happened twice, I am determined to go back and be prepared to complain if it starts to happen again. I wouldn't bother going back, except that I really like those turkey sandwiches, and I'd like to be able to get one now and then WITHOUT having to worry about my bread coming into direct contact with the counter of grossness.

If anyone else has experienced or observed this sort of thing at Jimmy John's, I'd love to hear about it.
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