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I know it's just McDonald's, but c'mon!

I work in a bookstore that's attached to a mall, so every so often I go to the food court for a quick lunch. A few days ago, my store was swamped with customers and I had an employee working with me who was as useless as a zombie. Between these two factors, I had no chance whatever to take a break. Finally, I got a chance to take a quick 15 minutes and get something to eat super fast. I figured, hell, McDonald's isn't good for you but it's fast and warm. It'll do.

So, I go up to the McDonald's counter. There's no line, which is a blessing, but it's also maybe an hour or so before the mall closes, so I figure the crowds have gone. The woman who served me looked new and stared at me like a cow; completely glazed over and lost expression. I suddenly had the feeling this wouldn't go well.

I start on my order. "A double cheeseburger with no cheese." I stress the no cheese, I always do. "With only pickles and ketchup". I speak clearly, because I know I have a weird order. The woman looks at me in complete and utter confusion, then looks down to stare at her keyboard, not saying a word to me. She does this for a minute or two. "Um, maybe you have to hit the double cheeseburger button and say no cheese?" I try to help. My time is ticking away here. She glares at me and types some stuff in.

"Okay, a double cheeseburger" she says. I correct her. "No cheese, just pickles and ketchup". She huffs at me and glares again, before staring blankly at the keyboard again. Finally, she punches some stuff in, then looks at me. "Anything else?"

"A medium fry and a four piece chicken McNugget." I reply. She scowls at me and cops an attitude. "You mean you want a Happy Meal?", clearly thinking I'm insane for being an adult and wanting a Happy Meal. I didn't want one, but damn, so what if I did?

"No, just a four piece chicken, please." I correct again. "We don't SERVE those by themselves. You'll need to get a six piece". I blink at her. It's an outright lie. I've bought four piece chicken from them before, without a Happy Meal. I sigh. Maybe it's a new policy.

"Okay, a six piece then." Again, she looks at her keyboard, utterly lost for another minute, before making a selection and looking at me. "And a medium diet coke".

"Fine." she snaps. "Is that all?". I nod. "That'll be $10.77". I gasp. There is no way in hell it should be that pricey! "Take off the chicken, please". I say. The woman scowls at me again, stares at the keyboard.

"FINE. So that's one double cheeseburger, a hamburger and a cheeseburger with no cheese, the fries and a drink". I stare at her in absolute shock. Where the HELL had she gotten THREE burgers from?! I stared to lose my patience at this point.

"No." I say firmly. "Just ONE double cheeseburger, no cheese and just pickles and ketchup". She glares again, goes back to staring at her keyboard, lost again, finger hovering for awhile as she searches.

Another employee walks over and asks what's going on. The woman serving me makes a dismissive gesture. "What is she ordering?" the new girl demands, picking up a McDonald's bag and getting ready to put my order in it. "A double cheeseburger." she says. Oh, for fuck's sake. "With no cheese on it!" I pipe up. The first woman gives me a dirty look.

"A double cheeseburger!" the second woman yells back to the kitchen. DEAR GOD, NO CHEESE. "No cheese, please!" I say to her. She gives me a funny look, but yells back to the kitchen to make it with no cheese. At this point, I know I'll probably not get the ketchup or pickles and I'm really starting to get pissed.

The first woman turns back to me. "So just the double cheeseburger, fries and coke?" she asks. Defeated, I nod. "You know, it would be SO much cheaper for you to just make that a meal". "Fine, that's okay" I say, just wanting my food. She types some stuff in, and proclaims my total as four dollars and some change. I hand her a twenty. For some reason, she gives me a dirty look.

"I need fives!" she yells at the second woman, who ignores her. She huffs, pulls a bunch of ones out and starts counting out my change, being exceptionally obnoxious about it, displaying it all for me and counting loudly and slowly, like I'm a child who doesn't understand the concept of change, sneering at me. By god, I'm not kidding, SNEERING. Am I being punished because I didn't give her something smaller than a twenty? I have maybe six minutes left of my original 15 by now.

The second woman shoves my bag of food at me and walks away. I look at the first woman, sighing. "Can I have my diet soda?" She again looks at me like I'm from outer space with her glazed over cow eyes. She stands there for a moment, then goes to the soda machine and gets my drink, avoiding my outstretched hand and setting it down onto the counter.

I walk away, growling to myself, and hurriedly sit down to eat. The double cheeseburger THANKFULLY and miraculously has no cheese, and has only the pickles and ketchup. The medium box of fries was only half-full, and they were barely luke-warm and stale, as if they had been sitting out for hours. Barely edible. The drink was a regular coke, not a diet like I had asked for. I was so pissed about the treatment and the state of the food (especially the fries, they're the best part of McDonald's food and subpar ones are unacceptable!). If I had had more time, I would have gone to complain, but I ended up getting back to work late as it was.

I know it's just fucking McDonald's, not five star dining, but for fuck's sake! This was totally unacceptable. I'm still annoyed when I think about it, and it was only last Friday. It'll be a LONG time before I go back to that place. So much for fast and warm food!

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