footwakerupper (footwakerupper) wrote in bad_service,

I'm never buying another Lexmark printer again.

I have a HP printer that crapped out on me after only two years, and so I decided it was time to buy a new printer. The only other thing that I could find was a Lexmark, and I figured with a top-loading tray, it wouldn't eat paper like my bottom-loading HP does. I have a mac, so I tripled checked to make sure it was mac compatible. There were at least 2 places on the box that listed it as mac compatible.

I just opened the box to find that the installation disk? Is for windows. I tried to use it anyway, and it insisted that it installed the printer, but it didn't. So, thinking that I just got a random box with no mac installation, I go online.

On the website, to my confusion, the only drivers listed are for windows. I check the "mac compatibility" list and, lo and behold, my printer isn't on it. They advertised it as mac compatible when it's not. My computer can't even find it when it's plugged in to install it manually.

I'm returning the printer tomorrow, but you can bet that I'm calling customer service tomorrow and raising hell about it for false advertising. That's just plain ridiculous.
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