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Annoying and frustrating service...

from pinupgirlclothing.com. I've heard nothing but great reports about this site, so decided to buy an outfit for a friend's wedding.
I allowed 6 weeks for it to arrive [what I thought would be a reasonable amount of time, considering everything I bought was available to ship within 2-3 days!].
A week after ordering, I get an email saying that they've sold out of the pair of shoes I'd bought. Ok, no biggie, filling orders in sequence etc - so I shot them an email back same day to exchange them for a different pair.

3 weeks later, I'm starting to stress a bit, haven't heard anything from them and the wedding is in two weeks. I sent an email to ask if I could have a tracking number so I could see where they were up to [assuming it had been tied up in customs or something] - I get one back that same day letting me know they were still waiting for the second pair of shoes to arrive from the warehouse. 3 weeks later? The availability on the website stated 2-3 days. Ummmm... not so cool, and by this stage I am really very frustrated. I replied to that email asking when they *would* be shipped, and to see if I could pay any extra to get it sent over mega-urgently [I'd already paid $USD32.00 shipping, but didn't want to go shopping just before the wedding for another outift!].

Two days after I get an email advising that they were waiting on my shoes to arrive, I receive another one telling me they'd sold out, and that they fulfill their orders in numerical sequence... what? A couple of days ago you were waiting on them to arrive, and you had 3 weeks to work out where I was in queue to tell me they had sold out and to order another. I'm now a week before the wedding with no outfit, close to $USD250.00 out of pocket an furious at the way these guys couldn't get their act together to tell me that the second pair of shoes that I wanted wouldn't be available.

Absolutely fuming, I sent an email back asking for a full refund - explained that I'd bought it for a particular occaision [I don't wear dresses very often, so it would probably be in the back of my closet for a while!], it still hadn't even been shipped close to 5 weeks after ordering, the two pairs of shoes that I'd wanted had both sold out [I was angry about the second pair, surely they could work out in three weeks that there wouldn't be enough to go around. And why would you tell someone you're just waiting for them to arrive?] - I didn't even know if this was going to arrive by Christmas.

I sent that email a week ago, with no reply. I resent it on Wednesday, adding a snarky note wondering what kind of internet business can't answer their emails. I re-sent it this morning, and am just wondering what my options are. Can I open a dispute with PayPal [I've only ever done that with one eBay transaction]? I'm in Australia, so don't know what the BBB could do for me. I'm just really upset at the way they [mis]handled my order, took 3 weeks to tell me something wasn't available - after I'd been told they were just waiting for the shoes to arrive, and now are ignoring my emails when I ask for a refund.

Any suggestions?
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