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oozing fluids? Not in my kitchen!

Talk about bad service!


Text under cut for those who don't like links:

You've heard about mouse droppings in food bins, spoiled food on buffet tables and roach infestations in our Behind the Kitchen Door series. This time, Patrick Mcmurtry has a special report with what he calls the most disgusting thing he's seen since he's been doing these reports.

Inspectors found a nasty odor in the Aristocrat bar in Huntington. They went back and discovered the disgusting truth, the nasty odor was coming from fluids oozing from the bar owner's legs. Carl Scarberry is the owner of the Aristocrat. The bar remains open despite years of health reports showing the floors were soiled from blood and bodily fluids from leg ulcers.

I finally caught up with Mr. Scarberry. His legs weren't leaking, but they were swollen, red and yellow. The place smelled horrible and we weren't even allowed to go inside.

The last inspection we found showed there was still a foul odor from the exudate draining from Scarberry's legs.

Mills says there is nothing the Cabell County Health Department can do to shut the aristocrat down permanently.

But that doesn't fly with folks who find it hard to believe this kind of is allowed to go on in the 21st century.

But as it stands now, the aristocrat can stay open with the bodily fluids oozing for years to come.

We don't know what exactly Carl Scarberry is suffering from. Cabell County health officials say unless the law is changed, nothing can be done to protect you from places like the Aristocrat bar.
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