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Lying = Bad Service

I don't mind when plans change suddenly at all. Such as when a certain 1-800 junk removal company accidentally gives me the wrong schedule. (12:30 - 2:30 instead of 9:30 - 11:30, as your mail system confirmed?) It's my day off, I have no problem lounging around waiting. (Even though I did have some other plans.)

I also don't mind if you had a bigger order than you thought and then changed my time AGAIN without calling me.

What pisses me off is when said company driver calls me and says, "I left you two messages, I've been trying to call you all day!" when I have been sitting in front of my cell phone which has call display and records any incoming and outgoing calls. My message box is empty, and I have no record of those calls. Don't get snotty with me about how you've been trying all day, or how you filled up my message box and I never got back to you. You're lying. Is it so hard to call and say, "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm really busy, so I forgot"?

Checkmate Cabs @ 7:05AM
Mom called @ 12:26PM (And I ignored it; it's not like I missed a call when I was on the phone!)
I called out to your company @ 1:03PM
You called me @ 1:08PM upon my request to your customer service line.

Voice mail says: You have no new messages.

Yes. You have been calling ALL DAY, I see that now. -eyeroll-

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