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Overly Helpful Sales People

I don't know if this is BAD service, so much as AWKWARD service...at least that's how I felt.

I went to go buy some tights I had been eyeing, but there was only one size left. Tights are usually sized in terms of height and weight and this was (XS - up to 5'4' and max 115lbs). NOT going to fit me.

While I was looking at the tights one of the staff came up and started talking to me...

SG: Hi! Are you finding everything alright?
Me: Sort of - do you have any more of these tights in larger sizes?
SG: Hm...no we don't all our stock for this brand is on the floor *flips the tights over* This should fit you though
Me: No, it won't - but that's okay, I'll just take a look around for something else
SG: I really think these will fit you!
Me: Thanks, but they really won't (I'm 5'5", large in the hip area, and over 125lbs)
SG: I think they will
Me: NO, they won't, I'll just take a look around thanks

She then proceeded to follow me through the store insisting that they would fit. I found another pair I liked, checked the sizing and woo hoo! they will fit. I tell her I'll take the pair and she STILL insists that the first ones I picked up will fit.

As I'm checking out, the same girl is ringing me up and flips the back of the tights over

SG: Are you SURE this is the right size for you?
SG: Ok, it's just I think the other ones would fit....
Me: I want these ones, thanks.
SG: And you're SURE this is the right size? We don't do returns.
Me: Yes, thanks

Now, yes maybe I should be complimented that I apparently look smaller than I am BUT JESUS CHRIST WOMAN let it go!
I'm slightly sensitive regarding my weight because I put on a good 15 pounds in freshman year (ALL on my ass and hips - AWESOME) and I haven't really adjusted to buying a whole new wardrobe for my lower half. When I worked in retail I *definitely* never questioned anyone's self-picked sizing because you never know who has body issues or not.

I could understand maybe if like...it went by sizing and maybe their sizes run big or something, but the back of the tights shows the HEIGHT AND WEIGHT, which really....don't run 'big' outside those measurements.

Not so much bad I guess as really really annoying.
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