Jupichan (jupi_chan) wrote in bad_service,

Attn: Children's Hospital.

I've come to understand that you give many parents advice as to who to talk to when they have a child that is Autistic. It's fine and dandy that you're helping them out, as that is your job.

However, please. Also make it your job to give the parents the right PHONE NUMBER when you tell them to call a school that specializes with those children. I'm now receiving several calls a day from parents who expect me to be able to help them; some of them rather distraught. I had one lady leave me three voicemail messages consisting of nothing but screaming at me for not picking up. (I was in Algebra at the time. Can't really pick up my phone then, now can I?)

I've tried e-mailing you, Children's Hospital. I've tried calling you, but I can't get through to the right person.

Please. PLEASE stop giving the parents my cell-phone number. I do understand that the two numbers are the same, save the area code. Honestly, I think a few of the calls weren't your fault at all, and they were just the parents being silly and not remembering the area code. Especially when the calls are local.

The ones that I get from Michigan and New York City, (I'm in Pittsburgh) however...I'm pretty sure those would be your fault.

I've even tried calling the school and seeing if they could do anything about this, but nothing has changed, unfortunately. :/

<3, Jupichan

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