Jupichan (jupi_chan) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Taco Bell...

Today must be backwards day. Next time a day like this occurs, I'd love to know in advance, so I can better prepare myself.

You must have thought you were hilarious; when I ordered two baja chalupas with beans substituted for the meat, and a bean burrito; and what you gave me is two chalupa shells with a scoop of beef in them, and a burrito filled with everything that should have been in the two chalupas. (You see, I'm a vegetarian, and I find a little bit of glee in the fact that you are one of the only fast food joints I can go to with my friends and actually get something to eat. I'm probably going to just end up eating this anyway, as I can't get back out there, and I think it's a lot worse to waste meat than to eat it if you got it by mistake.)

I mean, I suppose I can just...switch the stuff around...but I kinda wanted it prepared the way I ordered it. And with no rice in the burrito. That's not right at all.

However, you're very good for when I'm in a beany mood, (and you're the closest thing I have that even resembles mexican food, though I'd call you just food with a sombrero...) so I'm willing to give you another shot.

<3, Jupichan.
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