and i will play my game beneath the spin light (checkpointme) wrote in bad_service,
and i will play my game beneath the spin light

I hate college bookstores.

I don't even think my naivety as a college freshman can make up for what this bookstore did.

I purchased all my textbooks at the beginning of the semester. For my History class I purchased a $120 textbook. No big deal, except that the second part of the book (yes, it was two books) had not arrived in shipping, so I only walked out of the store with half a textbook. The store promises to call me when the second piece of the book comes in, and I can go pick it up.

Weeks later, come to find out my History professor hates the textbook, and thus doesn't want us to use it. Soon after I find this out, I get a call from the bookstore saying that I can pick up my copy. I tell them that since I don't need the textbook would it be all right for me to just leave the second part there and sell back the other half when I get around to it? Yes, sure, it's okay! The girl on the other line says, and she'll make note of it.

I finally get around to bringing the first part of the textbook up to the store and asking to sell it back. The lady at the register is extremely, extremely rude to me. She takes a look at the book and snaps at me to: "Come back when [I] have the other half." Her tone was painfully condescending. I explained to her that I never picked up the second half since I didn't need it for the class. She asks for my name and when I give it to her walks to the back of the store.

"There's no book in that name back here!" is what she screeches into my face. "We only have a Hooper back here, not a [my last name here]! We can't take the book back!" And then she leaves the room. No other explanation, no apologies, no trying to help me find the missing part.

My book was in perfect condition. You could tell it hadn't been used and that I wasn't trying to con anyone out of anything. I'm extremely pissed off because they didn't keep track of their records better and gave away half of a book I paid for. So now I'm out $120 on a book I didn't even need for the class, and is pretty much useless without its accompanying text. All they would have had to was check someone's ID to make sure that they are in fact the original purchaser of the book and then keep a strict inventory on the amount they had left. God forbid they do even that!
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