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I was in 7-11, getting a slurpee, stamps and bus tickets... The lady behind the counter, is talking to the kids behind me about having nails done... She doesn't even acknowledge my existance, knocks over my brother's pop and slops some of my slurpee... Whatever, I just worked a 9 hour, so I'll bite my tongue cause I'm too tired to fight... She quickly tells me my total, and then goes back to talking to these kids... I stand there until she snaps, "I SAID it was $4 blah blah blah..." I inform her, that I wasn't finished, to which she snottily replied, there's nothing else on the counter... I tell her I want a thing of stamps and a package of youth bus tickets... She looks at me in this way and in a very condescending tone goes, "ADULT bus tickets..." "I SAID YOUTH bus tickets..." She scanned them, threw them at me, threw my card at me, and went back to talking to the kids... She didn't even ask if I wanted a bag... Normally, they have such good service up there...
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